10 second silence

when i saw you

I was nervous to tell you

It was not a feeling the same 

But you know that 

You helped me a lot to reach out

And as the wise man says 

You can makes your goal

But destiny decides the rest 


That beauty of our friendship

Was so good 

One day i decided to tell you 

And i did

But you refused.

Me again and again but politely

I thought you were also loveing me the same way

And one day when i purposed you for the last time or last try

I got a 10 second silence. . .

©vaibhav sagar



when i look at you, I see this perfect personThen there’s me. This weird crazy person with all these problems and i dont see how You chose me. BUT please just stay . Forever. . . 


People always take the example and Romeo and Juliet as the perfect love story, but they don’t think about real relationships, relationship that begin from the very early years of two persons and last till they become Grandma and Grandpa. The love of old couple is always real, as they could live together and forgive mistakes to each other.