10 second silence

when i saw you

I was nervous to tell you

It was not a feeling the same 

But you know that 

You helped me a lot to reach out

And as the wise man says 

You can makes your goal

But destiny decides the rest 


That beauty of our friendship

Was so good 

One day i decided to tell you 

And i did

But you refused.

Me again and again but politely

I thought you were also loveing me the same way

And one day when i purposed you for the last time or last try

I got a 10 second silence. . .

©vaibhav sagar


Love the way

I love the way you smile

Love the way you say it

I love that unique style

Love that word “don’t know”

and after that your wraped face

To which i always wanna kiss

The pink and gray your lips

And your anger with that ego

Attitude makes you perfect to go

For a long journey of life with me

I promise i ll never flee

To the way you care for me

And all the day you miss me

That word love you won’t accepts

And long long gossips .

i love the way you say that

You were are will be there for me

Since for whenever i need.

So, i found the reason to trust you more

To miss you more 

and the way you love me

I love that way more.


©vaibhav sagar


People always take the example and Romeo and Juliet as the perfect love story, but they don’t think about real relationships, relationship that begin from the very early years of two persons and last till they become Grandma and Grandpa. The love of old couple is always real, as they could live together and forgive mistakes to each other.


That girl on the bus

One day
While i was on the way
i was on the bus
a pleasant morning
Enough to fall in love
after a stop
A pretty girl raided
Oh she was pretty
now in front of my seat
Her curly but long hair
Big eyes enough to dive
And rounded face
Yes pretty she was
i pouched out my phone
Trying to attract her
then i whistled oh god
What was i doing
She smiled at me
I was struggling myself
To talk to her
And after three stop
I don’t know how i gained
That power to talk
Over hesitation 
But what was that
She was climbing down
From that bus
And i followed her
And surprised to see
She was quarreling
With bus ticket checker
To refund her
Rest of the money
i turned to my seat
Thinking about
The beauty of face
The beauty of mind.



Breathless the story #6

Travelling is good for life,  or fir jo bhe jindagi sikhati hai wo ek rasta hai. . . Super thought na. .
Or jab ap travel kar rahe hote hain with one of your fav song like ek galti, tu jo nahe hain, tune jo na kaha, and of course BREATHLESS  with your fav singer shayne
Ward . . . Perfect weather and perfect time to remember those sweet movement. . .
i was so lonely in those days,.
Actually after a couple of months i thought that shipra let her go,.
another girl sangam i like her. .
i followed her for a couple of months. . .
And one day when we talked :-
She :picha kyu karte ho vaibhav
Me: nahe to bus aata jata hun
She smiled and replied:achaa fir by
Me:hey, actually i think i like you
She:but tumhara to shipra ke sath.
Me: usne mujhe dump kar diya. . .haha
She:malum kya tum achee ho or main bhe tumko pasand karti hun per pata nahe tum kitne ladkiyon ko dhokha doge. .
Actually shipra use mere bare main ulta bata chuki thi. . .
me:no you are the second
At same time my phone rings:hello
A girl voice from other side.
Hello koun ho ap i asked
main sneha hun shipra ki dost . . Mujhe apse kuch baat karni hai. .
I replied one minute and looked at sangam she was about to cry and said by never show me your face again. . .
Oh god. . . Filmy yaar haan yahe to ho raha tha. . . Kya jarurat thi ise phone karne ki. .
phir main phone per lag gaya. .
haan boliye
sneha:shipra dumped you or maine bahut muskil se apka no. . Paya hai kya mil sakte hain
Me:no. . Apke karan abhe abhe meri life kharab ho gaye. .
She:kya. Hua so, ahipra apke layak nahe thi.
I cried or phine cut kar diya. . .
the word s in my life. .
Shipra, sneha, sangam, shit to this s word. . .
ek saal fir dadhi badha li maine. . . Pura badal gaya. . .
Sangam ki sadi ho chuki sneha koun thi kya tha pata nahe. . .
Fir phone aaya but maine no. Change kar liya. . .
ye jitne bhe the love kya tha pata nahe chala ek need thi meri koi gf ho. . . Pyar nahe. . Jinke jane pe beintehaan dukh hua. . Ki meri gf mujhe chor gayi. .
Apke classmates jab mingle ho to ap nahe reh sakte. . . Single. .
Wahe hota hai in bf , gf ki wejeh. . .  Baad main pata chalta hai pyar kya tha. . .
One day meri nani maa ne mujhe call kiya ,
bete 6 sal  beet gaye ,  tu aaya nahe. . Tere nana ji ki death ho gaye. . Tu nahe aaya. . Ab ek baar chahti hun ki marne se pehle tujhe dekh lun. . And started crying. .
Oh yes. . .
Fir gaya main nani ghar. . Ek new story wahe old ladki ssj
Wahe purani kahani… Fir jee uthi. .

and the real love story begins. . .
Ek ladka jo kuch khaas nahe hai. . .
Kuch bhe nahe . . .
tab tak ka mera status. .
Love:haan ek baar ye chij hue thi.
in a relation 20 days. Girl name shipra
Purposed :haan sangam ko refused.
purpose denied: haan sayad sneha ka. . .
Or haan abhe ab ek
Song aat hai mannata . . From heroes  . . . Bus cried. . . Byby. . . .
Age kya hua. . . What is love. . .
Haan kuch ho na ho apki soch pakka badlegi. . . Puri sfory padhkar. . .
Naina ask na ho ansu karte hame kamjor. . .


Vaibhav sagar

Recap : My story from #1 to #6

A little boy went his maternal uncles house and found a girl as his first best friend. . . Named ssj
After three year he went there again and again quarrelled with his best friend. . ssj
He came back and studied hard. .
and then fall in love with her own village girl shipra,
Due to some reasons he cant contact her  for a long time approx six months. . .
he came back and shipra was now ignoring him.
He again broke up . .
After two months he went to his village and fall in love again with the same girl shipra. . Then he felt that something was not good between their relationship.
So he opened shipra’s fb account by using pishing , and got something very bad.
He need clarifications but shipra denied and told that she was flirting with him. . . In reality she love another boy sujeet. .
And the boy again broke up with same girl. . .
Do baar ek ladki had hai yaar i cant belive myself too. . . . 
for next follow me. . Keep in touch. .
The best love story it must can change your mind. .


Vaibhav sagar

Breathless the story #6

Oho very cold morning , hope you gyess are enjoying it. . .
Now #back_to_love , 
as i written my cellphone was dead i have nothing to contact her. . Of course i dnt have any peigon for my mails. . .kabutar ja ja type. . 
After six months when i came back to my village , and got another cellphone then i called her, she cuts my phone many  times. . 
No reason or nothing. . .
After two days she told not to irritate her. . . And i did the same . . . 
very lonely i was, very sad. . .
ab man mahe lage to padhega koun, but i was still trying to study. . .
And after two months when  i lost my grandfather i came back to  village, , 
I saw her
she was like a princess and fall in love again,
she came to me and said sorry
For everything she did to me.
And we started talking again. 
i said her many time – agar wo hoti to kabhe nahe chodti like , maine compare karna suru kar diya usko apne purane or us dost se jisse main teen saal se mila bhe nahe. . .

And i marked that she was changed while talking, she talks only when she need mony for her cellphone and this type. . .
I used pishing for open her fb account. . . 
And what i saw i cried. . .
That village girl my classmate or my love was sooo smart she was cheating many boys. . 
I told her that plzzzz come back to me for me only me. . 
She refused she told that she really love a boy named jeet. . 
I said thats okay if you were happy with him. . . She told me to not to cheat myself 
I said how i am cheating myself
She replied that you are in love with your best and first friend . . . 
i had no answer. . 
Totally numb:(
finally i told that she was just a friend if mine. . But a girl like you cant understand this. . .
next in next . . . . . . Keep in touch. . . 
one more thing she is now single bcz jeet cheated her. . . She ruined  herself character. . In whole village. .
Or gaw wale aise bhe jyada bate bolte hain. . 
And yes first of my love with whom i lived twice of love mean two time love . . My village girl named shipra . . . 
And now the story starts how the letter s ruined me to be breathless. . .
As i already posted in
the letter s was very unlucky for my family 
Oh yes it was unlucky for me too. . 
But it helps me to be a writer and of course breathlessboy. . . 
Love you . Keep happy stay safe . .


Vaibhav sagar

Breathless the story #5

After my matriculation , when i was a student of 11th.
A girl came in my life actually she is my former classmate . Since eighth std.
Jab laga ki bichud jayengee bcz
I chooses science and she went for arts.
Then i purposed her
Oh how thats another story
One of my cousins is my best friend. He is too elder then me,
so he got the phone number of her through her fathers cellphone. . .
Awsome na.
Then he called her and said that vaibhav wannna to talk with you in an important matter . .
I called several times and cuts the phone as she picked up. After two days she just picked and told
“hey vaibhav tang mat karo bolo kya bolna hai”
I replied”haan  apko mera naam kaise malum”
She replied”janti thi tum he hoge”
Okay i said “fir to ye bhe janti hogi that i love you”
i asked for reply she asked for time to think bcz its a matter of life. .
After two days she said no.
Omay i said
Then she said are hum beat frndss rahenge na. .
after ten days she called and said
Dekho phone kyu nahe karte ho are ho are hum best frnd hain. .
I replied ap kyu nahe karti ho huhhh abhe busy hun by.
At night i got a msg that i love you. .
Fir main dumka aa gaya or mera cell phone kharab ho gaya. . Jo fir five monthes ke bad new mila tab tak bahuf kuch badal chuka tha bahut kuch. . .
Wait for next post. . .
Tillll take care see you byby
And yes for more entertainment follow me
as i said i tried to write my story many times but i think i can complete this time. . Soo be ready for my upcoming novel if everything ll be all ryt then may be last of next year. . .


Vaibhav sagar