At college

Sandeep – bhai wo dekh same girl

Ritwik – are haan yaar side se nikal padte hai na fir , but banda to who hai na jo guitar leke tution main aaya tha .

ladki un dono ko dekh leti hai

Or Aryan ko ishara kar deti hai

Aryan – o bhai ruko tumlog (shouts)

Sandeep – chal bhaag bc lag jaane

warna hamare to.

Ritwik -ruk aane de jo hona dekhte hain

aryaan unke paas aake sidha coller

pakad leta hai sandeep ki

Sandeep- chor bhai baat kya pehle wo


Aryan- achaa hai galti aap karo or

mujhse puchte ho, ladkiyaan chedne ka

shouk hai na tujhe

(Ek tamacha maar deta hai sandeep ko)

Ritwik- abe oye tune ise maara kaise ,

tune chua kaise saale

(piche se aakar dhakka de deta hai or

aryan gir jata hai)

Aryan uthkar ritwik ki or bhagta hai

lekin ritwik fir se dhakka de deta hai .

Or dono class main chale jaate hain

Ritwik-sorry bhai meri wajah se tujhe


Sandeep- baat mat kar mujhse sale

Ritwik- sorry na bhai sun na

Sandeep- sale tu or tera sorry

Ritwik- i love you bhai

Sandeep- bus kar saale ho gaya 🙂

Ritwik- achaa jyada jor se padi thi kaisa


Sandeep – chal bahar tujhe batata hun

kaisa laga per tune to theek mara be


Or sir classroom main aa jate hai

Sir sabko kuch problem bana ke lane ko

dete hain ghar se

Sandeep- bhai chal yaar bahar

Ritwik- tu ja ke aa main baitha hun

tota dekh raha bhai

Sandeep -mar tu nahe sudhrega.

Sandeep bahar nikalta hai or aryan jo ki

pehli seat pe baitha hota hai uske piche

piche bahar nikal jaata hai. (Ritwik

notice karta hai)

Bahar main aryan usko pakad leta hai

Or ground ki taraf le jata hai

Aryan- tune meri gf ko cheda kaise

Sandeep- yaar maine kuch nahe kiya or

wo ladki kitno ki gf hai malum nahe


Aryan -saale apni galti ke liye ladki ko

galat bolta hai behencho

Maroo ise

Or sabhe milkar sandeep ko marne lag

jaate hain

Ritwik bhagte hue apni claas se nikalkar

bagal wali class main ghus jaata hai sir

padha rahe hote hain

Wo ladki ko dekhta hai or pakad ke

bahar le jaane lagta hai.

Pure class main halla ho jata hai

Ritwik- chup se chal dimag mat kharab


Jab tak sir samajhte tab tak riwik ladki

ko leke nikal jata hai or sir piche piche

nikalte hai or fr puri claas. Baat bagal

boys hostal tak pahunch jaati hai or

lagbhg aadha college udhar nikal leta


Ladki- choro mujhe

Ritwik- naam kya hai tera dekh jo bhe

hai mera dost teri wajah se maar kha

raha hai.

Ladki- riya naam hai mera or tera dost

teri wajah se maar kha raha hai meri

nahe tujhe uski jegeh pe hona tha. Chor mujhe

Aryan noise sunkar piche dekhta hai

Aryan- o behen ye kya siyappa ho gaya.

Ritwik- puch isse maine kya kaha tha or

tu sandeep ko chor de puch sale, puch na chup kyu hai bol na kal kiske saath thi

Sandeep- sale bandi he galat hai teri

Or tabhe hostal ke ladke rod wod leke

aa jate hai

Unme se ek ko sandeep pehchan leta


Sandeep- dekh ye wahe hai jiske saath

kal teri bandi bade pyaaar se icecream

kha rahe hoti thi.

Ladka – metter kya hai riya ko koun laya


Ritwik- are oo aashiq aaram se bhai

Dhere dheere sari baaten sabke samne

aati hai

Aryan – sorry yaar , sorry bhai

Riya rone lag jati hai

Aryan usko bye bolke chal deta hai or

sir piche se aate hain or aryan ,

sandeep ,Ritwik or riya charo ko math

H.O.D ke paas aane ko kehte hain or

chale jaate hain.


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deewaney – 5

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Deewaney -5
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The last step of my life

I wanna to live the joy

Like birds of the sky

Love to watch a full moon

Knowing there going soon

And the path i choosed 

No need your sorry and worry

Are my own dicisions 

Just make me feel love the very

In my life the way i lived 

Is much significance to be belived

And the sky of raising sun

That i am leaving behind for you

Also the promise of dreams

You ll find me alway near

In your heart, in your soul

When ever you need

I wanna to be remembered 

As a smile , and i know 

now things aint right

The last step of my life. . 


BY Vaibhav Sagar. . .

the wish of our parents , they live for us and died for us, they are soldier of the real life . Father and Mother , Grandpa Grandma and evryone we loves have a dream about us . Not to start with tears but to start with love, smile and to follow the right things of their lives. . .

And then we can say



Chapter 2 : first voice

First voice chapter 2  of breathless: love after life was now published on wattpad . you can browse for free here from this link

With dialoges like
“Have you never met a woman who inspires you to love? Until your every sense is filled with her? You inhale her. You taste her. You see your unborn children in her eyes and know that your heart has at last found a home. Your life begins with her, and without her it must surely end.”
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Palash : the wild tree.

Summary of  One of the story from my short stories book love flowers. . .


————————————————————Ravi was returning to his home after 12 years from he migrated in USA.
He was forced to go there for his MBA and hereinafter started live in. Lost his father in very early age but his mother fulfilled his every wish and never let him miss his father.

After a long flight he caught the bus for his district. New roads, new buildings and many more . he was coming to sell his house and wasteland full of palash trees. All fecund land was sold by his mother for his study and fulfilling his other demands.

Oh only a few months was passed from his mother death. Yes Ramaya called him and he was quite busy that time in his future projects , he was responsible towards his career so he refused to come , but today everything was changed. He need money to start his new project , after all now who is gonna to take care of his property.

From district bus stand he got a bus for his village. Now that alleyway turned into a road. He was quite impressed by the development.

“Kahan jabe ke ho” (where are you going) asked a villager.
“Pritampura” he replied roughly.
“Kekra khane” (where in pritampura) again villager thrown a question after all villager was his concomitant.
“Birju ” he replied strictly.
And finally villager was hushed till pritampura arrived.

“Aah! Finally”
He was so relaxed looking towards and then shape of his face was seemed wrapped, Streets of village was changed. And that’s a big problem .
Now what.
“Bhaiyaa birju yahan kaise jaun”
He asked from a villager .
“Sidhe fir daye fir mandir milega fir aage ka puch lena.”( straight then right , there was a temple from there you can ask to anyone for rest)
” thanx” he pattered.

And started walking , oh that’s the temple where i came to play in childhood. And from here i have to take left.
Fog of his mind was cleared , now he know how to reach the birju’s house.
That’s the well where all women came for water for her house and still some are here for water not changed yet. Once Ramaya was fell down in well that silly girl.

Oh birju was outside of own house . yes that was birju elder brother of Ramaya.
After ushering and some formal talkes birju gave him his house key.

And turned he turned towards his house, that’s my house courtyard and this is the tree of palash Wildish standing alone. Like a guard of his house.
He opened the gate. And entered.

Suddenly someone surprised him she was Ramaya.
“Oh how ll you survive here come to my house ”
“Okay” ravi replied.
And again shuts that door.
“Sadi ho gaye” ( are you married ?)
Asked ravi
“Not yet and not interested , and one more thing i can talk english, walk english, eat english.
Ramaya replied .

“You are still the same” ravi replied.
“Yes but you are changed” Ramaya realised him.
After dinner he was trying to sleep but all that came in his mind only Ramaya.
Like it was a seen of yesterday.
Ramaya asked him for playing holi and he refused, because of the side effect of colour. And he had to go to his hostel after two days. What if colour was not gone.
Ramaya made the colour of that palash flower.
And the. Both played holi.
Why she was still unmarried.

And next day morning
Buyer came to him for his property
“Sorry sir! I am not selling this.
” what” buyer tries too to convince him but all in vain.

He opened his house door and hugged that palash tree.
Some of the sounds still encores by the wind or by that flower. Beneath his feet.
A young boy was asking for colures from his mother
“Son i ll make you the beat from these flowers.”
And a drop of salty water was fallen out from his eyes and he hugged that tree more tightly.

“No! You have to go, please for study for me, and for this village. Its only three year . i ll miss you but please.”
A lady was decoding his feelings in front of a boy . boy was looks like ravi.

“I am not going back ” ravi expressed to Ramaya holding hed hands.
“What you ll do here?” Ramaya asked.
“Marrying with you and . . .”
“And what?”
“And establishing a factory ”
“Factory ? Which kind of. . .”
“Factory of colours.”

The four eyes were crying beneath the palash tree. And all that pearl drooped into the flower of palash. . .


Story by : vaibhav sagar

By : Vaibhav Sagar

That girl

I was travelling by bus for my college, actually that day i missed college bus so i was on a public bus. Seats are almost full only one seat beside a pretty girl was void.
So i sat there.
O m g
A girl
Now its time to showoff so i pouched out my phone and called one of my friend and put the phone on the speaker
And he replied unexpectedly i cut the phone and opened my bag for my headset. I started listening purpose  of jb  . Then she smiled at me. On the first stop of bus some poor children were started asking for some coins  And as a show off i donated 20 . Girl again smiled at me and i ignored her.
We were reached it was the last stop of bus and now i have to walk for my college.
I climbed down from bus and looking for that girl.
She was nowhere ooooppppsss  i was sad and started walking suddenly i heard some quarrels kind of noise. I turned back and watched that girl . .
She was abusing and quarreling with a poor child who  was unfortunately impinged with her. .
I turned back again for my college
Thinking about the beauty of mind.
And the beauty of face.


Vaibhav sagar