Story behind my name

It is funny , to have a child with no name , isn’t it?
Actually a child have too much name especially in india sona,babu,heera,and everyone try his own .
Here is an example before a week i became maternal uncle oh yes and  now baby boy has too many name like poovan, pusya,purva,piyush, ansh,arya,heera and many more but i call him chirckut . .
Like other children i also have too much name.


It starts with
1. My Father shri dhirendra nath jha
And my mother smt anita devi
So my name was “anudhir”. Mixture of both of the name. grandparents can hardly speak “anudhir” so the name became “mandhir.”   And as like as my name i react. It Mean Slow of mind. .
3.for play school in jamshedpur it became “sourabh kumar.” sis still calling me with “man” it mean mind. in those days in nani ghar my name was “kanha” and “jagatguru”
6.later one of my uncle was dead named satyendra nath , and two of my mousi’s husband’s named sanjiv and santosh became jobless . finally my aunt dicided to change my name from sourabh. . now that is a problem father losted his job and then economically my family was crushed. . so we came to village with a new name in village school class two “bhikhendra nath jha”
Other child teasing me for this name.
8.soo at class third my name changed again it became “babu jha”. .my grandfather suggested this one…
9.again in forth std. It changed as “kanha” came from my grandmother
10.i was in class six at village school suddenly i thought to put my name “vaibhav sagar” . And i did that . This name is came from me by me for me. .
sooo here is the story behind my name vaibhav sagar. Now i am a student of graduation and my name is vaibhav sagar. . Everybody especially my father love this name. . .


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